Which Stand Up Comedies To Watch On Netflix

Which Stand Up Comedies To Watch On Netflix

Mar 23
Which Stand Up Comedies To Watch On Netflix

Netflix streams hour-long comedies on a regular basis ensuring you experience laughter at its best. If you are like Ira Riklis you will want to catch all the best shows available but may not know where to start. Here are the five of the funniest comedians streaming on Netflix.

Jen Kirkman: Just Keep Livin’

Famous for her appearances on Drunk History and Chelsea Lately, Jen Kirkman improved her profile significantly when she took center stage on her 2015 Netflix comedy special, ‘I’m Gonna Die Alone, and I feel fine’. In 2017, ‘just keep living’ Kirkman balances between style and perception to keep her audiences glued to her comedy right from the first show. It is an estimated one hour of a conversational filled with biting honesty. For example, her reckoning with the term “ma’am.” She’s more than happy when somebody hurls it her way since it only means she’s had a “rich and storied life.” As she openly says, getting into a kind of verbal armor by way of outlook, “I don’t want to look like I have four roommates and shitty towels.”

Dave Chappelle: The Age Of Spin

Dave Chappelle is still at the top of his game, completely at ease onstage and amusing as ever. His windy stories have the same unplanned, manic feel like his classic material, perfectly crafted without seeming like it’s crafted at all. Outlined around his run-ins with O.J. Simpson, proves that Dave is an unapologetic comic with this comeback special. He has been criticized for some of his jokes, and he also handles lighter topics. On the age of spin, there is an enjoyable interlude about Care Bears and an embarrassing story about his son encounter with his comedy hero, Kevin Hart. His jokes reflect a firm world perspective from a comedian who is not bothered about anyone’s comfort zones.

Joe Mande: Joe Mande’s Award-Winning Comedy Special

The majority of the content in Award-Winning Comedy Special plays with our expectations of what stand-up comedy is all about and how we should respond to it. Being uncomfortable in embarrassing situations is the stand-up comedy theme from Joe Mande, but he never loses his fans concentration due to his unusual way of storytelling. This special is created around the setting of a fake comedy award and goes on and on making you laugh your head off. You will enjoy this comedy if you are ready for gut-busting takes about everything.

Maria Bamford: Old Baby

Maria Bamford is well-known for doing cutting-edge comedy that aims to minimize the stigma of mental illness. Humorously imitating voices and making faces of different characters, each one weirder than the previous, Bamford shows her unique perception of human behavior. The venues of this special comedy may change, but whether she is performing for a crowd on the street or one person at home, she is funny. She will thrill you if you are keen to shift into her mind, which is full of uncomfortable experiences with people who are much more self-confident than she is.

Sarah Silverman: A Speck Of Dust

In ‘A Speck of Dust’, Sarah Silverman presents an excellent piece creating the ultimate stand-up comedy. Giving her fans precisely what they came for, while also throwing in some new elements to create a fresh, original look. While her jokes do not always finish well because she ends the show on a low note, there is so much to enjoy from her performance style and from her self-aware humor, which is partially sarcastic as well as confident, that’s funny Sarah Silverman for you.