Is There Such A Thing As Jewish Humor?

Is There Such A Thing As Jewish Humor?

Oct 14
Is There Such A Thing As Jewish Humor?

Challenge any Jew by telling him or her that there is no Jewish humor, and you’ll be hit with a number of classic Jewish jokes! The Jews love to laugh as much as anyone any day, and they have the representatives to prove it. Larry David, anyone? So what makes a joke or comedian inherently Jewish? It’s not just that the creator or deliverer is Jewish – it’s more than that.

Jewish laughter and jokes must be at the expense of authority. This began with the first Jew, laughing in the face of God, in Genesis. Sarah was told she would conceive a child, and in true Jewish female form, she laughed in God’s face. This was the first documented Jewish joke.

Jewish Humor Poking Fun At Authority

The tradition continued, with many Jews joking and poking fun at authority. From Franz Kafka to Lenny Bruce to Jon Stewart, Jews have been taunting and teasing authority for centuries. Kafka offered dark humor against the bureaucracy, and Bruce was jailed for his wicked sense of humor. Stewart won the hearts of millions with his eclectic Jewish sense of humor, teasing every politician across the aisle.

Some language experts dare to say that the whole Yiddish language is satirical against the German tongue. Even if this isn’t the case, the fact that people can theorize that this might be true proves that Jewish humor has been relevant for as long as the Jewish people have existed, and that’s a long time. Don’t believe us? That’s ok, read on for some uniquely Jewish jokes that will have you in stitches and school you on the Jewish funny bone.

Joke’s On Us: Jewish Sense Of Humor

The Wish

Three men, Lyle, Tim, and their boss, Moshe, were walking down Main Street when they found a lamp. Curious, they rubbed it, and a genie popped out in a puff of smoke.

“I see there are three of you. You get one wish each,” proclaimed the genie.

Lyle immediately wished to be on a yacht in Bermuda. He disappeared. Tim excitedly exclaimed for the same, in Hawaii. He disappeared as well.

The genie turned to Moshe, who looked around, and calmly told the genie, “I want those two schnooks in the office after lunch.”

Jews Leave

Avram entered the Church, laid out his yarmulke and tallis, and began to pray. By and by, a clergyman entered to begin services, asking all non-Christians to leave. Avram continued to pray.

The clergyman announced again, “All non-Christians please leave.” Again, Avram continued his davening. Finally, the clergyman approached Avram directly, and said, “All JEWS please leave!”

Avram stood, gathered his tallis and yarmulke, approached the altar, picked up the statue of Jesus, and said, “Come on bubbela they don’t want us in the church anymore.”

Not My Business

Mendel was immigrating from Russia to America, via boat. A huge storm hit the waters, and people panicked. Items Jewish man jerusalemwere flying everywhere, people were running around, and Mendel was sitting calmly, reading his book.

A fellow passenger approached Mendel, asking how he can be so calm in the face of impending doom. The boat might sink!

Mendel looked at the doom sayer and responded, “Why get excited? Is the ship mine?”

Jewish Engagement

Sheldon visited his parents, and proudly exclaimed, “Mama Papa I have found my bashert. But, just for fun, I want you to guess her identity. I will bring over three women, and you get to guess which one I plan to marry.” The parents agreed, and Sheldon made the arrangements.

The next afternoon, he brings three gorgeous women to his parents’ sitting room. They chat over cake for a time, then leave. Sheldon excitedly asks his parents, “Can you guess my love?”

The parents responded, “Yes. It’s the one in the middle with red hair.”

“Yes!” responded Sheldon. “How did you know?”

“She’s the only one we don’t like,” the parents responded.