My Top 5 Sitcoms Of All Time

My Top 5 Sitcoms Of All Time

Nov 13

Top 5 Sitcoms: Big Bang TheoryWhen 8PM rolls around, it is time to sit in front of the television, with a TV dinner and your remote control, and watch the antics of your favorite group of friends or family. Sitcoms are wonderful in their ability to use humor to tell compelling stories about the present, past, and future. The following are the top five sitcoms of today and yesterday and what made them so compelling.

Top 5 sitcoms and why they work


This was a show that understood itself. Roughly one third of the episodes ended with the death of a patient and this was intentional. It was as important to the show creators to be realistic, even as the various dream sequences and prat falls defied reality. The audience might spend 28 minutes laughing, but the best episodes ended with tears.


Based loosely off the classic movie of the same name, M.A.S.H. told the story of zany surgeons drafted in the Korean War. The show was unabashedly as much a criticism of the Vietnam War as the Korean War and the humor often mirrored the black comedy of Catch-22. And like many of the best sitcoms, there was always at least one serious moment in every single episode, no matter how many laughs the episode had.

The Big Bang Theory

How this show dominates is practically a mystery. One of the main characters, Sheldon, is so grating that nails on a chalkboard seem less annoying. The rest of the cast swings between incredibly pompous to completely clueless. Surprisingly, this actually proves to be a recipe for comedic genius. This show is almost singlehandedly making nerd culture cool.


Friends is probably one of the best known sitcoms ever broadcast. The term “Ross and Rachel” is basically synonymous with off and on again relationships. The success of this show is hard to pin down. It is one part acting, one part stories, and one part advertising, for certain. But most importantly, it is a show that resonated. Viewers felt that, even at its comedic best, the show told a story about characters that could be them.

All in the Family

Archie Bunker was a loud mouthed bigot who verbally abused everyone in his life. Alone, he would have been a monster, but with his supporting cast, he was something else. He was a legend. Episodes were a roller coaster of his well meaning ignorance, Edith’s inane wisdom, and Michael’s Quixotic diatribes. It was a poignant display of both the conflict and caring that true families engage in.

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