Rib-Tickling Humor: 5 Of The Funniest Music Videos Ever Made

Rib-Tickling Humor: 5 Of The Funniest Music Videos Ever Made

Feb 17
Rib-Tickling Humor: 5 Of The Funniest Music Videos Ever Made

Never thought that watching a music video would tickle your funny bone? Think again! Music videos are created to entertain, and some of them really hit their mark when it comes to incorporating humor into this art form. And why not? Music appeals to your senses, much like humor, so it’s natural for these two elements to go hand-in-hand.

Top 5 Funniest Music Videos

Creating funny videos requires a great deal of creativity and innovative thinking – and that isn’t easily achievable. But, some artists have managed to transcend seriousness by featuring excellent humor. Here are some of the funniest music videos that are sure to cheer you up.

  • What’s My Age Again – Blink 182: American punk rock band Blink 182 has always been known for Blink 182its audacious humor, bold lyrics and daring nudity. What’s My Age Again is a humorous take on the band’s state of undress and puerile humor, as it lyrically spins around the beginning of maturity without really changing behavior. Based on real experiences, this mid-tempo punk song is hilariously infectious and is one of the best performing singles from the band.
  • Kittens in Space – Jonathan Mann: No the title isn’t misinforming. In fact, there really are kittens in space and they go on tons of adventures in this awesomely hilarious music video. You’ll be in splits when you watch this priceless video following kittens on their little space adventures.
  • Weapon of Choice Fatboy Slim: Big beat musician Fatboy Slim composes this hit single, which is perhaps best known for its highly entertaining music video. Filmed in a Los Angeles hotel lobby, the video was directed by Spike Jonze and features actor Christopher Walken flying and dancing around the empty hotel to the beats of the music. Most people associate Walken with badass guns but this video shows off his rhythmic gyrations. Apart from being a comedic goldmine, this music video has won a lot of music awards thanks to its hilarity and innovation.
  • Learn To Fly – Foo Fighters: The Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl have mastered the art of humor in this riotous music video – fat-suits and everything. Pilots pass out, coffees are spiked and all sorts of chaotic events will have you howling with intoxicating laughter. Watch the characters come to life as you relish the best times of your life.
  • The Bad Touch – Bloodhound Gang: This hallucinogenic video features grown men prancing around the streets of Paris in monkey-rat costumes that come with hysterically over-sized ears. While simple in concept, the music video will have you falling off your chair in laughter. Men and mammals switch places with each other to make a statement about animal cruelty while incorporating humor by taking a rib-tickling look at the way society runs.

Tickle your funny bone as you amuse yourself with these wacky and sidesplitting music videos for your entertainment.