Top 10 Music Parodies Of The Last Decade

Top 10 Music Parodies Of The Last Decade

Jun 01
Top 10 Music Parodies Of The Last Decade

A musical parody is a comical imitation of a song. The basic ‘rule’ is that it features original music. It’s been around since the 14th century, touching an entire spectrum from church to opera to pop. A successful single will usually have many parody versions, its success almost measured by the number of them. It is thanks to these mocking versions that we are more aware of what is actually wrong with these songs, some of which we like and this isn’t to say that they are all bad.

Ten Music Parodies To Listen To

1. Call Me Maybe

By Carly Rae Jepson redid by The Key of Awesome. The innocent banality of the original song is transformed into a cynical monster in the shape of an obsessed crazy female holding dear to a one-night stand, nearly chopping him to pieces.

2. I Want It That Way

 From silly lyrics sang while dancing at an airport to lots of rubbish bought on Ebay, Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way‘s true meaning is revealed in a tongue-in-cheek parodic remake by “Weird Al” Yankovic. Thank you, Al, for bringing up this tune in a different context, it makes forgiveness possible.

3. Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody’s royal genius is attempted in a Muppets cover. Surely Queens performing variety allows plenty of space to explore both vocally and theatrically. Somehow, it works for the Muppets too.

4. Gangnam Style

With Gangnam Style by PSY already being a parody in its own right, the extended silence version by Mikolaj Gackowski excellently complements the successful original piece.

5. Riding

The king of music parodies “Weird Al” Yankovic is doing it again. His version of Riding – ‘White & Nerdy’ – is quality music even without knowing the original.

6. Wide Awake

 Searching the labyrinth for the odd strawberry, aware or not, Katy Perry from Wide Awake made it into CollegeHumor’s video ‘I’m Not Awake’ which, so vividly, brings about the obnoxious and shallow metaphors of the perfectly rhymed song.

7. Booty

 For those who wondered whether Jennifer Lopez’s Booty could be any sleazier, then the answer is yes, and it is possible thanks to Bart Baker. Booties and everything along the alphabet which rhymes with it made into this video. Lopez’s morals are being questioned as well as other parts of her in this Booty parody.

8. Blurred Lines

Another handsome take on a cheesy and somewhat lame performance (although it does feature a super-catchy tune
and hyper-styled models-like folks) from Bart Baker is the Blurred Lines parody. He did well picking this ultimately good-looking, catchy clip in which it isn’t always clear whether it is or is it not as offensive as it seems, blurred lines indeed.

9. Hair

Bart Baker, again, in offensive mode (how else) parody on Little Mix’s Hair ft. Sean Paul. Stroking, trimming, cutting, fluffing it in shallow water. Some say it is better than the original act.

10. IronicFrogs with headphones and camera

And ‘It’s Finally Ironic’ as opposed to the not so much Ironic version by Alanis Morissette, a well deserving classic
status single. And while we, perhaps, shall never know whether Alanis has actually meant to have it that way (being quite the genius), we can still enjoy the joke opportunity brought to us in this low-budget, sharp lyric and a tad off-key production by Rachael Hurwitz.