Odd, Funny, And Weird News: January 2020

Odd, Funny, And Weird News: January 2020

Jan 20
Odd, Funny, And Weird News: January 2020

Each month reporters share news stories that are strange, funny, or odd and each month this blog compiles the best of those stories into one large post. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy this month’s strangest news! 

Man Stops Kangaroo From Drowning A Dog 

In Brisbane, Austalia, a small dog started a fight with a very large kangaroo that almost cost the dog its life. 

According to bystanders, the little terrier mix started harassing the kangaroo on the edge of the Pine River. Anyone who knows anything about kangaroos understands that one kick from the 5-foot-tall marsupial could have easily harmed the little pup, but the kangaroo opted to jump into the river instead, trying to swim away. 

Making an ultimately poor choice, the dog continued to give chase in the water. That’s when the kangaroo decides it had enough and began to hold the dog under the water, attempting to drown in. Luckily for the dog, a nearby boater saw what was happening and brought his boat over. The kangaroo let go and the dog was scooped into the boat and taken to land, where it was ultimately reunited with its owner. 

Man Requests “Trial By Combat” With Ex-Wife 

A Kansas man has requested that he be allowed to duel with his ex-wife and her attorney as a way to settle their ongoing legal battle over issues like the custody of children, visitation rights, and property tax payments. 

According to court records, David Ostrom of Paola, Kansas requested 12 weeks to obtain katana wakizashi swords for the battle and argued that a trial by combat as never been banned or restricted in the United States. 

In response, the ex-wife’s attorney filed a motion to have Ostrom undergo a court-ordered psychological assessment and to suspend visitation rights. At this time the judge has not made any official decisions for the filed motions. 

Stylish Pigeon Found In Nevada 

Animal Services is on the hunt for a pigeon in Reno, Nevada after the City Manager, Sabra Newby posted pictures online showing the bird with a tiny sombrero on its head. As cute as the tiny hat is, officials are concerned that the bird may have been harmed by the person who applied it and are hoping to capture it to remove the hat. 

This isn’t the first time a pigeon has been hurt by someone trying to get attention – in Las Vegas, two pigeons were caught wearing tiny cowboy hats. One of the birds did not survive.

100-Year-Old Tortoise Allowed To Retire From Being A “Sex God”

A Galapagos tortoise who is 100-years-old is being allowed to retire after he sired more than 800 babies

Named Diego, the male tortoise was at one point one of only two males on Espanola Island. He was captured and introduced into a captivity breeding program with several other males. Now, thousands of tortoises that Diego sired have been released back into the island. Soon, Diego will join them as the officials at the San Diego Zoo are going to release him back into his natural habitat. 

World’s Largest Snickers Bar Debuts 

The Mars Wrigley candy company has set a new world record by creating the world’s largest Snickers bar – a candy bar that weighs 4,728 pounds and is 12 feet long. 

This bar is the equivalent of 43,000 regular-sized Snickers bars and is edible! 

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