Strange, Funny, And Weird News: December 2019

Strange, Funny, And Weird News: December 2019

Dec 04
Strange, Funny, And Weird News: December 2019

Sometimes in the news, there are stories that seem too strange or funny to be true. This article collects the funniest and strangest of those stories and shares them for all to enjoy! Below are the weirdest news stories reported in December 2019. 

Actor Josh Brolin Warns Public About “Perineum Sunning”

According to Josh Brolin, the actor who played Thanos in the Avengers’ movies, admitted that he exposed a sensitive part of himself for too long when he tried a new fad called “perineum sunning.” 

According to practitioners like “Metaphysical Megan”, the practice comes from ancient Taoist beliefs. The perineum is called the “Gate of Life and Death” since it is located between the sex organs and the anus. If this area is exposed to the sun, some people believe that hormones can be regulated and that other health benefits may occur. 

Josh Brolin, however, had a much different experience. Although he didn’t elaborate on how long he exposed himself, the actor admitted that his private area was severely burned and instead of enjoying holiday time with family, he ended up staying inside and icing the area, as well as applying burn creams. 

Would You Drink Gin With Elephant Dung In It? 

Yes, you read that right. In South Africa, the creators of Indlovu Gin, Les and Paula Ansley, claim that because elephants only digest less than a third of the flowers and plants that they consume, the dung provides a botanical element to the gin. 

The couple actually collects the dung themselves by hand. They say they have tested the gin out on friends, not explaining the origins until after it has been tasted. 

Dog Starts Fire After Being Left Home Alone 

It’s true that dogs are man’s best friend and often don’t like being left at home alone. One husky took things a little too far and punished his owner by starting a fire

According to the fire department and the owner, the dog somehow managed to start the microwave which had a package of buns sitting in it. As a result, the microwave caught fire! Thankfully security cameras in the home alerted the owner to smoke and fire and he was able to call the fire department. The damage did not spread past the kitchen and the dog was unharmed. 

A Town Called Asbestos 

Did you know that there was a town in Quebec called Asbestos? This small town is home to about 6,500 residents. Recently the town council met and voted to change the name because it hindered “plans for economic relationships”. 

For those who aren’t aware, asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous mineral that is an excellent insulator. However, over the years, it has been determined that those exposed to the mineral are highly likely to develop cancer, specifically mesothelioma. 

Knowing this, it’s not shocking that the town decided to change its name! The new name has not yet been picked. 

Wild Boars Help Police By Destroying Cocaine Stash 

Wild boars in Tuscany helped police by destroying $17,000 in cocaine! Police learned about the incident when they overheard a conversation on a wiretapped phone. The gang involved complained about the loss. 

Those involved have since been arrested. 

Check in next month for more weird, strange, and funny news!