Strange, Odd, and Weird News: November 2019

Strange, Odd, and Weird News: November 2019

Nov 08
Strange, Odd, and Weird News: November 2019

Each month there are news reports that are funny, strange, and odd and are just too interesting to not share. Let’s dive into November’s weirdest news stories! 

Man Leaves Cannabis In Nose For 18 Years 

Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently, an Australian man stuck a packet of marijuana up his nose when he was 30-years-old before going to prison. Then, he promptly forgot that he had done it. For the next 18 years, he suffered from chronic sinus infections. 

The packet was discovered when he went to the hospital complaining of increasingly bad headaches. A CT scan was performed and what looked like a calcified mass was discovered. When doctors removed it, they described it as a rubber capsule containing plant matter. That’s when the patient remembered an “incident” from years prior. 

A former girlfriend had given him a balloon filled with marijuana just before he went into prison. He snorted it into his nasal cavity but it went so far up that he thought he had swallowed it by mistake. So he never mentioned it to a doctor despite the chronic infections and pain. 

Today, he is pain and infection free. 

Guinness World Record Names New Longest Tooth 

One dentist was very surprised at the length of a tooth that he extracted in 2018 from a patient who was complaining of severe dental pain. So naturally, he submitted his find to the Guinness World Record and is now a record holder for pulling the longest human tooth known to exist. How long was the tooth? 1.46 inches! 

Speaking Of World Records… Try Juggling, While Running, While Blindfolded

An Idaho man may now hold one of the strangest world records of all time. On October 29th, 2019, David Rush, who holds over 130 world records, ran a mile, while juggling, while blindfolded. He completed the run in 7 minutes and 54 seconds, a time which is extra impressive because he was required to stop and go back each time he dropped a ball.

Chinese Woman Gives Birth At Age 67

A Chinese woman is now the oldest person in China to have given birth. Accord to a news report, she did undergo fertility treatments in order to conceive. She has now given birth to a healthy daughter. The couple already has two children and many grandchildren – the oldest of whom is 18 years old. 

She is not the oldest woman to give birth, however, that record goes to an Indian woman who gave birth at 74-years-old.

Washington Nationals Fan Refuses To Drop Beers To Catch Baseball

During World Series Game 5, Jeff Adams had bought two beers and was walking down the stairs when a baseball left the field and came right at home. Instead of dropping a beer, Adams used his chest to stop the ball! The video went viral, both for his dedication and the fact that he didn’t spill his drinks! 

Florida Man Sustains Shark Bite – But The Shark Didn’t Attack

A surfer in Florida marks the 11th person to be bitten by a shark this year, but in this particular case, the shark was minding its own business! The surfer told authorities that during a ride, he jumped off of his board and landed directly on the shark, the species of which has not been identified. 

No one blames the shark and the bite was minor enough that the surfer was able to drive himself to the hospital. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s weird news roundup! Join us next month for another set of odd stories!