Getting The Humor Going Early With the Super Bowl

Getting The Humor Going Early With the Super Bowl

Feb 04
Getting The Humor Going Early With the Super Bowl

Super Bowl 50 is coming to us in just a few short days but there are some great commercials being released early (and who doesn’t love Super Bowl commercials?). Here I’m going to show you four of the funniest ads to be pre-released, starting with one that’s cute and a little funny and building up to the funniest one you may have seen so far. Of course, we’re all waiting to see the best ones when they come out at the Super Bowl, but these will definitely get you ready for that big day.


Even though they haven’t released their official add yet, has started releasing some really cute teasers that are definitely going to make you interested to see the entire add. When you combine George Washington with Lil’ Wayne what else can you expect after all?

3. Avocados from Mexico

These are definitely going to be some of the best avocados you’ve tasted but even better than that, the commercial is definitely one you’ll remember because it’s funny. Who doesn’t love a good alien story after all? Well these aliens aren’t looking to hurt us, they just want to understand our world (not that they really think we’re all that smart) until it comes to the best avocados …

2. Hyundai

Looking for a cute commercial that has a little bit of humor thrown in? Well this commercial for Hyundai’s safe driving assist (and Ryan Reynolds) has just that. In a town full of Ryan … well it can be difficult to keep your eyes on the road, thankfully, Hyundai has taken care of that for us because who’s going to stop looking at Ryan?

1. Heinz Ketchup

Who doesn’t love puppies? Well the condiments of Heinz definitely love these wiener dogs and you’re going to love the commercial which features these adorable puppies dressed up in costume (although who hasn’t called a dachshund a wiener dog at least once before anyway? So get ready to love these Heinz product line and these adorable puppies.

There are definitely some good ads already out for the Super Bowl but there’s definitely a lot more to come as well. These are some of our favorite funny ones so far but of course, we’ll only know the absolute best commercial after the Super Bowl airs this weekend, but until then, which of these preview ads do you think is the best? And which ads are you most looking forward to?