If All Else Fails, Laugh On Valentine’s Day

If All Else Fails, Laugh On Valentine’s Day

Feb 07

Valentine's Day HumorOf course it’s February and there is an air of love, well maybe on the Hallmark channel at least. It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day if there wasn’t some sort of humor attached to the day. Here are a few jokes to lighten the mood so to speak.

Funny, Funny, Must Be Funny In Cupid’s World

Q. Can you recall what the boy bird say to the girl bird on the Valentine’s Day?
A. My tweet heart!

Valentine’s day is just days away………… keep in mind it’s not too late… break up and save extra cash…..

Q: Why did the lion go out with the elephant?
A: It couldn’t get a date.

Q: What did the cat say to the rat?
A: Stick with me and I’ll take you places!

Q: What do you think the calculator told the pencil on Valentine’s Day?
A: You can always count on me!

Q: What is the ram’s best song on Valentine’s Day?
A: Dear, I have eyes only for ewe.

A Little Poetry Goes A Long Way

If I could bring the rainbow down,
I would write my name on it
and return it again so that the whole world could see how colorful our relationship is.

Telling Some White Lies On A Red Day

In case you need some excuses for whatever reason on Valentine’s Day:

I really did find a card for you in time; I mean it,
And it exactly expresses my feelings for you.
But it became so mushy that the envelope had to go all soggy

Love may be kind, beautiful, bliss.
But I only slept with you, because I was just pissed.


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