5 Best Satirical News Programs

5 Best Satirical News Programs

May 06
5 Best Satirical News Programs

Satirical news programs in America frequently outperform standard news programs when it comes to the quality of their reporting. Not only are satirical news programs more entertaining than their competitors, they may actually be much more accurate.

It’s possible that these programs do this in order to compensate for their comparatively low budgets. It’s also possible that the satirists have a strong social agenda that motivates them to check their facts. One way or another, people who love news satire have plenty of great choices.

Five Best Satirical News Programs Right NowTV Set

The five best satirical news programs that you can watch on television right now are as follows:

1. Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

Even in its relatively short run, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver is one of the most highly-rated shows of all time. John Oliver is one of the most appealing hosts that people will find on a news show. He’s earnest and passionate, thus avoiding the cynicism that seems to plague a lot of news hosts. Still, John Oliver knows his audience, and he isn’t afraid to do things like bribe people to listen to discussions of controversial issues with promises of silly animal videos. He manages to be both approachable and trustworthy as a host.

2. The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Many people will think of the Daily Show before almost any other satirical news programs, and the Daily Show has earned that level of name recognition. The show has had a diverse array of subjects over its very long run on television, keeping people informed and entertained on everything. While lots of satirical news programs revolve around one charismatic host, the Daily Show has its main host, Trevor Noah, and many different correspondents. The show has actually managed to serve as a springboard for the careers of several other satirical news correspondents, which helps illustrate the tremendous cultural power of the Daily Show.

3. Real Time With Bill Maher

Real Time With Bill Maher is a show that skews liberal, and yet Bill Maher says plenty of things that will offend liberals as well. He’s an extremely abrasive individual with overwhelming levels of self-confidence who attacks people whom he perceives as extreme on both halves of the political spectrum. The show itself has a varied format. Bill Maher discusses issues with guests, monologs about specific political issues, and tells one-liners all about the lighter side of the news in every episode. Even with such politically divisive material, people should still find something that they like.

4. The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore

People who are interested in satirical news programs that have a lot of relevant and interesting guest stars will love the Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore. Then again, Larry Wilmore has more than enough appeal to carry a show. He has an edgy, acerbic wit with youth-focused humor that’s very heavy on pop cultural references. The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore manages to appeal to lots of different demographics while still touching on issues that tend to get neglected in other news programs, such as problems that disproportionately affect minorities.

5. Full Frontal With Samantha BeeGlasses on newspapers

This is a fairly new satirical news program, but it has already managed to establish itself among the competition. Samantha Bee is willing to touch on social issues and identity politics in a way that a lot of her competitors do not, especially issues that primarily affect women. Her style is very straightforward and blunt. She isn’t afraid to mix clever observations with edgy humor, which helps make her show effective. Samantha Bee has a down-to-earth approach that many people will love, and she never loses sight of the fact that one of her jobs is still comedy.