The Strangest Laws Ever Passed In The United States

The Strangest Laws Ever Passed In The United States

Jul 01
The Strangest Laws Ever Passed In The United States

Sometimes laws are passed that are merely silly or utterly absurd. Alternatively, the law might have made sense when it was passed but is no longer applicable. This article will discuss some of the most bizarre and entertaining laws ever passed in the US.

No Cussing!

Over the past several hundred years, language has undergone significant transformation, and phrases that were shocking once are now commonplace. A group of legislators in Virginia are attempting to overturn a 1792 statute.

This law states that anyone who engages in “profane swearing” can be fined. When the law was created, the fine was just 83 cents. Today, that fine is $250. But what words are considered profane swearing? The law doesn’t say.

Please Don’t Be Blindfolded While You Drive

You did read that correctly. Evidently, some lawmakers in Alabama felt the need to make it unlawful to operate a vehicle while wearing a blindfold. Nobody really wants to know what motivated this law, though!

Don’t Let Your Donkey In The Bathtub

Long ago, in 1924, a man set an old bathtub out in his yard in Arizona. Against all reason, his donkey took a liking to the bathtub and began to regularly sleep in it.

Then a nearby dam broke.

Locals had to save the donkey after floodwaters took it into a basin and away. A legislation was apparently passed especially banning donkeys from sleeping in bathtubs since the issue was so unpleasant!

Watch Those Pickles Bounce

In the early 1800s, a group of individuals sold cucumbers labeled as pickles. A law was created that states a pickle is only a pickle if it bounces as a result of the buyers’ outrage. Who performs the testing, and are the pickles cleaned after bouncing?

No Pizza For You!

In Louisiana, it is considered harassment to have a pizza sent to someone’s house without their permission. Anyone who sends a “surprise pizza” can be fined $500!

Lions, Tigers, And … Well, No Bears

If you wanted to go for a drive with an uncaged bear, be sure to stay out of Missouri, where the law states it is illegal to do so. But note – this only applies to uncaged bears. If you throw your furry friend in a cage feel free to cross that state line!

Duck, Duck, Grey Duck

In addition to playing a peculiar variation of Duck, Duck, Goose called “Grey Duck,” it is also forbidden to cross state lines while wearing a duck on your head.

Montana Does Not Like Rats

Some people love their pet rats but in Montana, you can’t give or offer a rat for sale as a pet. Instead, rats can only be raised for the intention of being used as food for reptiles.

Don’t Be Safe While Committing A Crime

Anyone who wears a bulletproof vest is not allowed to commit a crime in New Jersey. If a criminal is apprehended while sporting one of these vests, they could face double the penalty.

Don’t Share Your Password In Tennesse

Tennesse has a “Login Law” which prevents residents from sharing their login information for sites like Netflix and iTunes.

Vermont Women Need Permission For Fake Teeth

According to state law, married women in Vermont must have their husbands’ written consent before getting any kind of dentures. Wierd.

Weird West Virginia

West Virginia has a couple of, particularly odd laws. For example”

  1. If a child’s breath smells strongly of wild onions, they cannot attend school.
  2. It is forbidden to whistle underwater.
  3. While inside the firehouse, firefighters are not allowed to flirt with ladies or whistle.
  4. If it happens on a Sunday, in broad daylight, and on the courtroom steps, a man is free to beat his wife.
  5. Children cannot go to school if their breath smells of wild onions.
  6. Fireman may not whistle or flirt with women while in the firehouse.

Let’s go out on a limb here and say that lawmakers in West Virginia might want to review and repeal some of these laws.

I hope you’ve liked reading about some of the most bizarre and entertaining laws in the US. Watch this space for more hilarious posts!