Misspelled Traffic Signs

Misspelled Traffic Signs

Feb 08

You are driving down the street, minding your own business. There is a new stop sign up ahead that was not there last week. The local road crews must have been busy the last few days.

As you are pulling up to the corner, you notice something wrong. Instead of being spelled “STOP” as most stop signs do, this sign reads “SOTP.” That is a misspelled traffic sign.

STOP sign with correct spelling

Now, you might think that a misspelled traffic sign is an uncommon occurrence and seeing one would be a rare thing. However, you would probably be wrong. They seem to happen all the time.

In the United States, it is estimated that there are more than 6,000 misspelled traffic signs. This means that if you look carefully, there is a good chance you will see one in your lifetime.

Consider that it’s not just the sign manufacturer who made a mistake, but the road crew who actually put the sign up and likely worked in the area for a couple of days, did not themselves notice the misspelling and request a new sign before installing it.

Or perhaps they did notice but couldn’t be bothered to correct the situation. Surely, “It’s not my job” has been muttered in many instances before misspelled signs are put up.


You would think that a school sign would have the proper spelling. Many signs marking school crossings misspelling most basic “SCHOOL” as “SHCOOL.” Now, that is not cool.

A bump in the road is a common thing. A “BMUP” in the road, not so much. That misspelling could mislead even the most experienced driver.

The simple signs seem to be the worst, but the more complicated ones often outdo them. Independence is a much held liberty for many Americans. We name our streets for it occasionally. However, what is “Indepednence Blvd” named after?

Tree names for streets are quite commonplace. Oak, elm, and maple seem to top the list. Sycamore is also seen. What tree species is a “Syacmore”?

Drinking and driving is a serious offense. People driving under the influence often have blurred vision. You got to wonder if the sign maker who came up with this one was under the influence. “DONT’T DRINK AND DRIVE.”

People walking in a crosswalk have the legal right to be there. However, do “PEDESTRAINS” have the same right?

People looking for the University of North Florida may have failed to exit the interstate at the right time when they saw the sign for the University of North “FLORDIA.”

If you ever approach a construction zone, you may see a sign indicating there is no through road. However, what if you see an “NO TROUGH ROAD” sign?

Misspelled traffic signs are out there, and they are all around us. They can range from the funny to the confusing, so don’t be surprised if you come across one yourself! So look closely when driving and keep an eye out for misspelled traffic signs – you never know what you might find!

Just as importantly, make sure you follow the correct signs, even if they are misspelled. Safety first!

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