Back To The Future In The Real 2015

Back To The Future In The Real 2015

Jan 06

Back To The Future In 2015In 1989, “Back to the Future II” traveled to October 21, 2015. This 1980s version of what 2015 would be like made several predictions about the future, some which were surprisingly accurate and others, deserve a snigger that says ‘not happening’.

Hey 2015! I See You

  1. Mr. Fusion

While it would have been wonderful if homes were equipped with a device that could transform garbage into clean energy to power our homes, this is simply not going to happen in 2015.

2. Cubs Win the World Series

As hopeful as the 1980s were, the Cubs still haven’t won the World Series. In fact, the same hologram that says the Cubs win the World Series also states that Chicago beats Miami, which also has not happened.

3. Re-hydrated Pizza

We all know that astronauts eat dehydrated food, but re-hydrated food has simply not become an item. Unfortunately for the 1980s, it doesn’t look likely either.

4. Fax Machines & Phone Booths

According to the 1980s, pay phones and fax machines are still in full swing. However, they obviously never saw the impact that cell phones would have. Nowadays, phone booths are nearly obsolete and fax machines are on their way out as well.

5. Flying Cars

While we do have hovercraft, widespread use of them is far from being common and the airways are definitely not filled with flying cars. In fact, even the prospect of being able to design such a massive feat of engineering seems far from being practical at this day in time.

6. Fashion

As much as the 1980s might have envisioned 2015 being full of futuristic clothing and alien-like styles, this is simply not going to happen. The pointy shoes, vests, shiny jumpsuits, double ties and auto-drying jackets are simply not going to happen this year.

7. Hover boards

As much as we might wish, skateboards have not yet been replaced by hover boards. When you consider the feat of technology that would be required to make this a reality, it is probably not going to happen this year.

8. Automatic Dog Walkers

If only this one has been right, dog owners everywhere would have one. However, while we do now have robotic vacuum cleaners which can navigate the home’s floor on their own, we are still light-years away from having an automatic dog walker robot.

9. Holographic Movie Posters

Okay, this one would have been awesome. Unfortunately, while the movie world has made some amazing accomplishments in graphics and animation, holographic movie posters are not a common occurrence.

While the 1980s predictions of 2015 are great to consider, however, there are some things that are simply not going to happen this year.

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