Ten Amazing Pranks To Pull At Home

Ten Amazing Pranks To Pull At Home

Apr 05
Ten Amazing Pranks To Pull At Home

Your home is a perfect place to execute an awesome prank. You have access to literally everything you need to ease the planning of a new or revenge prank that will leave your target annoyed, dazed, and confused. To ensure you have some striking ideas, up your sleeve. Here are ten effective pranks you can pull at home.

At Home Pranks

1. Shattered Screeniphone Screen Shattered

Borrow a phone from your target and download an app (iOS or Android) that will make the phone screen appear broken. When you hand it back, avoid eye contact and tell them how sorry you are that you dropped their phone. However, you’ll also need their password to download the app.

2. Creepy Crawly Scare

Does your sister or mom jump at the sight of a lizard or spider? Order a fake creepy crawly and stick it on the wall, under the lamp at night–works well, or near their feet and make it look real.

3. Toothpaste Oreos

Carefully separate an Oreo, fill the inside with white toothpaste and place it back together. You can do this with a handful of Oreos if you don’t know which one your victim will take. As they bite into their favorite treat, they’ll look utterly confused and grossed out.

4. Fake Cake

Take a sponge and cover it with frosting. Put it in an inconspicuous spot in the kitchen, maybe in the fridge or on top of the microwave. Then sit back and wait for the dumbfounded face on your target after they bite or try to cut into an ordinary kitchen sponge.

5. Lather-Less Soap

Another classic prank is to paint the soap with clear nail polish. After it dries, the soap cannot form any lather. Ensure that there is no other soap in the shower and that your target has nothing to use after getting in there. To make it even better, you can sneakily replace the soap so that it lathers just in case he/she tries to demonstrate to other family members what happened.

6. Chicken Soup Shower

Remove the faucet cap, place some chicken bouillon cubes on it, and fix it back. That will make your victim take a shower of nicely seasoned chicken soup. However, you need some skills to remove the cap on the faucet.

7. Fake Lottery Win

Most people dream of winning millions in the lottery. Record the lottery-winning draw using PVR and then buy those numbers. During the next draw, play the recording and ask your target to check your tickets. Watch, as they are astonished by each matching number, only to realize it was the previous draw.

8. Anti-Snooping Measures

Statistics show that about thirty percent of people snoop through your cabinets. So, set up a booby trap with ice cube trays or plenty of creepy plastic spiders. Besides the satisfaction of a well-done prank, you’ll teach the target to mind his or her business.

9. Fake Flies

You can buy some fake flies and pretend to eat them. You should squeeze the raisin into a napkin and then tell your victim that you just caught a fly. Reach into the napkin and eat the fly delightedly smacking the lips as you chew. Then, just shrug and walk away as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

10. TV PrankOld television set

Most new TVs have an option that allows you to turn back on, as you desire. Go to the menu and set it for about 2.30 AM. Before you go to bed, turn the volume up to maximum and shut off. You’ll just be laughing at the confusion in the middle of the night.

Families show affection towards one another in various ways. Pulling some pranks from time to time can be a great way to laugh, build memories, or maybe create a rivalry that will last for years to come.