Funny, Odd, and Strange News From The First Quarter Of 2021

Funny, Odd, and Strange News From The First Quarter Of 2021

Apr 26

Sometimes the things that happen in life are almost unbelievable making for very odd, strange, and funny headlines! Here are some of the most fascinating stories from what has transpired of the year 2021:

Elephant Rider

On an early morning in March, a young man was found dead. He was identified as a student who had been attending a local college on a football scholarship. The young man had apparently gone out drinking with friends the night before and came home very drunk. Shortly after sunrise, he was discovered by one of his roommates in a rather peculiar position: while intoxicated to the extreme, he had apparently decided to take an elephant for a ride! The 22-year-old man was found nude atop an elephant statue that stood 7 feet tall close to his dormitory.

A Rainy Day’s Catfight

In April, a pair of hapless women took shelter from a sudden thunderstorm in their parked car. They were surprised to see two other women right next to their vehicle sharing the same umbrella. One of the women from inside the car, evidently thinking it would be a funny circumstance, jumped outside and threw both her rivals into each other! She then tossed away their umbrella and drove off. The two women, now drenched, chased after her but could not catch up before she jumped in her car and sped away. The local police were called but no report was filed as no crime appeared to have been committed, only a cruel joke.

Internet Dating Gets Hairy

Finding love on the Internet has never been easier, assuming you’re not a vampire! A report came from Texas confirming that several people’s Facebook profiles were deliberately being changed to support various monsters, devils, and even vampires to appear more attractive (to some, at least.)

A Lame Duck Mayor

A few months into the new year, the mayor of a small town in Tennessee was found dead. After an investigation, it was revealed that he had been murdered by a former county sheriff and his lieutenant. The two men were convicted of murder and sent to prison.

The deceased mayor was first elected in 2018 as part of a recall effort by many residents who thought that his predecessor did not do enough to combat crime in the community. In return for this failure, he lost the re-election for mayor by an extremely narrow margin of just one vote!

A Radioactive Man

In January, a man was arrested for walking naked on the freeway in Atlanta. When questioned by police, he incoherently insisted that no harm could come to any living creature as long as he was around because of his special radiation-proof clothing. Police also found him carrying a small container of radioactive material, which he said made him better at detecting how much radiation each person and animal possessed.

The Birth of A Country

During February, separatist rebels in India declared that they had established a new country of their own and planned to free their land from what they described as “the corrupt government of India.” They formally declared independence after only two days of deliberation by their newly-established rebel council. The Indian government was quick to respond by stating that it would not allow any of its states to leave.

A Zoo Escape

In early April, a flock of wild Canada geese escaped from a zoo after a sudden gust of wind blew open the gate. The angry birds proceeded to attack and chase many nearby pedestrians before fleeing into the surrounding woods. Several scared onlookers captured pictures of geese and posted them on social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook within the next few days. The escapees were eventually recaptured, though not before leaving some unsuspecting bystanders with painful bruises (and a funny story to tell)