Funny, Odd, and Strange News: September 2019

Funny, Odd, and Strange News: September 2019

Sep 04
Funny, Odd, and Strange News: September 2019

Sometimes the things that happen in life are almost unbelievable making for very odd, strange, and funny headlines! Here are some of the most fascinating stories of September 2019.

Pigeon Takes Revenge On Lawmaker

Illinois State Representative Jaime Andrade was literally standing outside of a Transit Authority stop that is known by locals as “pigeon poop station” , discussing his ideas for reducing the amount of poop when one of the pigeons took aim. In the middle of the interview, Andrade found himself wiping pigeon poo from his head saying, “I think one of them just got me.”

Love Hurts

A 19-year-old woman was simply trying to destroy the memory of her ex-boyfriend. She decided to burn his love letters – inside of her apartment. She lost control of the flames which she started with a butane torch.

Firefighters were able to put the flames out quickly but they estimate that $4,000 worth of damage was done.

Forget Sleep Walking – How About Sleep Swallowing?

Most people have had a dream where they feel like they can physically sense what is happening. One woman had a dream about swallowing her engagement ring that was so vivid she swore that she could feel the ring go down her throat.

Turns out, that’s exactly what happened.

The California woman said that in her dream she was being chased by “bad guys” and needed to swallow the ring to keep it safe. Trouble was, her body did what she was dreaming about.

The next morning when she couldn’t find her ring she went to a local urgent care where an x-ray showed that the ring was in her digestive tract. She then had to undergo an upper endoscopy to get it back!

Looking To Solve Cold Cases? Use Google Earth!

Imagine using Google Earth and seeing a submerged car that no one else has noticed in a pond. That’s what happened to a Florida man who was looking at a suburban area he used to live in.

He contacted the owner of the house who took a look with a drone and was surprised to see what looked like a car in the water, which could only be seen from above. He contacted the local police who came out, pulled the car out, and discovered skeletal remains in the car.

After some detective work, it was determined that the remains belong to a man who disappeared more than 20 years ago. The man went missing in 1997 after leaving a local bar.

Police still aren’t sure how he ended up in the pond which was located in a construction zone when the man went missing.

Ecstacy Delivery Anyone?

An Austrian couple who was expecting a delivery just anticipated getting a dress in the mail. So when a package delivered they opened it without thinking – only to find that they had accidentally been sent almost 25,000 tablets of Ecstacy!

They contacted the police who are investigating where the drugs came from.

Check back next month for more funny and strange news from around the world!