Round Up Of 10 Funny And Weird News In July

Round Up Of 10 Funny And Weird News In July

Jul 28
Round Up Of 10 Funny And Weird News In July

You never know what is going to pop up in the world of news. Everywhere you turn there are weird news stories just waiting to be read. These stories are so insane you have to sit there and wonder how in the heck did something like that even happen. To give you a positive start to your day, check out some of these funny news stories that are popping up everywhere.

Round Up Of Funny & Weird News Stories

1. German Partygoers Thought Real Cops Were StrippersAlcohol whiskey party

Strippers dressing up in a cop uniform is commonplace for many bachelorette parties. However, these German partygoers ended up embarrassing themselves when the actual cops were called to their party because they were being too loud. These partygoers thought they were strippers and got even wilder. It took a lot of explaining to try to get the girls to understand they weren’t strippers. It wasn’t until they saw the police car out front that they realized they were real cops.

2. Nudist Camp In Louisiana Beating The Heat

This nudist camp found their own way to deal with the heat. They are stripping down, baring it all and beating the heat.

3. Love Hurts For This Teenage Boy

As a way to punish their teenager, these New Mexico parents are making him serve his punishment outside in a tent. Tough love at its finest.

4. Ostrich vs. Traffic

One thing you don’t expect to see when driving on a busy highway is an ostrich racing down the road next to you. This ostrich broke free from her owner when he was trying to take her back to the Ostrich Wonderlands farm and made a break for it on the highway.

5. Russian Suing Ex-Girlfriend For Money Spent During The Relationship

After Nina broke up with Nikolai, he decided that she should be forced to repay him for the money he spent on her during their relationship. He is suing her for $680 for illegal enrichment claiming that she took advantage of him and allowed him to spend money on her knowing that she wasn’t going to stay with him.

6. Monkey Causes Blackout in Kenya

Who would have thought one small monkey could cause a three-hour blackout across the nation of Kenya? This little monkey climbed up onto the roof of the power station and ended up falling onto a transformer. When the monkey fell, it tripped the transformer and caused the blackout.

7. Dog Camouflages Himself on Rug

This pet pooch blends in with the rug so well that he all but disappears. The owners often find themselves tripping over the pooch because they didn’t realize he was there, to begin with. Talk about one heck of a disappearing act.

8. Beer Rained from the Sky

A tractor-trailer carrying beer ended up crashing on the ramp of I70 causing roughly 60,000 pounds of Miller Genuine Draft to rain all over the vehicles passing on the highway below. Talk about one of the weirdest rain showers yet.

9. Kicked Out for Ordering Too Many FriesFrench fries

Kids were kicked out of a McDonald’s in Korea because they ordered $250 worth of French fries. Maybe, they shouldn’t have run the promotion that they did offering a discount on large amounts of fries.

10. Restaurant Owner’s Son Fired for Offensive Check

A restaurant owner had to fire his son for writing an offensive comment on one of the guests’ check. You hear about offensive notes all the time, but it shouldn’t come from the son of the restaurant owner. He has since been banned from being on the restaurant property.

Regardless of what day it is, you are sure to find weird and funny news stories that will make you laugh. Life is too short to be stressed out. Enjoy learning and growing, while sharing a few laughs along the way.