Funny, Odd, And Strange News: October 2019

Funny, Odd, And Strange News: October 2019

Oct 14

Join us as we take a break from the normal news and dive into the weird, strange, and odd!

Valuable Bulls Found Drained Of Blood – Ranchers And Police Search For Answers

Over this past summer, one ranch has lost five bulls, each in the prime of life and considered quite valuable because they could have been used as studs, fathering thousands of cattle.

While any rancher will tell you that the loss of a cow or bull is part of life, it’s not normal to lose so many bulls and the manner in which these bulls are killed is very strange.

Each bull has been found with NO BLOOD. Completely drained of blood, with their tongue and genitals surgically removed. These killings have baffled the ranchers, police, and veterinarians who have no idea what is killing the animals.

Anyone with any information has been asked to step forward.

Hawaiian Family Grows Record-Breaking Avacado

Who knew that the Guinness World Records tracked the weight of avocados?! Apparently one family did. The Pokini family of Maui said that they suspected the avacado they picked in December was a record-breaker – and they were right.

The avocado weighed in at 5.6 pounds, outweighing the previous record of 5.5 pounds. The family was excited to obtain their certificate from Guinness!

Missouri City Tackles Dog Poo With Flags

While the vast majority of dog owners are responsible and pick up after their canine companions but there is always one owner who doesn’t understand why leaving feces around isn’t the polite thing to do, frustrating others in the neighborhood.

Missouri is trying to raise awareness about the importance of picking up after a pet by placing humorous flags on abandoned piles of poo. Flags say things like “Is this your turd? Cause it’s absurd” and “This is a nudge to pick up the fudge”.

Squirrels Stash Winter Meals In Car Engine

Just in case you were wondering why you should check under the hood more often, think about this story.

While on the way to the library in Allegheny County, Holly Persic noticed that her car was making funny noises and then she started to smell something burning. She stopped and called her husband who came out to take a look.

Under the hood, they discovered that over the weekend, squirrels had stashed walnuts wrapped in grass! It took more than an hour to clean out hundreds of walnuts, which all would have been some poor squirrels supper on a cold winter’s night.

Do You Love Beer? Check Out These Really Unique Brews

Some brewmasters are taking their craft above and beyond and adding strange ingredients to their beer. Here are a few of the odd brews you can try!

  • Un, Kono Kuro – this beer is made with coffee beans – this might not seem that strange until you find out the coffee beans are pulled out of elephant dung!
  • Peter Cochon – made with smoked pig’s head.
  • Hvalur 2 – this very strange beer uses whale testicles that have been smoked in sheep dung.

Happy October and check back next month for our latest update on the strangest, oddest, and weirdest news from around the globe!