Jewish Humor 101

Jewish Humor 101

Jun 12

Jewish man pulling facesJewish humor is nothing new, it has been around for centuries, dating back to the Midrash and the Torah in ancient Middle East. Jewish humor can either be anecdotal or verbal and has been practiced through radio, television and film, and stand-up comedy.

Jewish humor finds its root in several traditions. There is the Talmud tradition, using situations and legal arguments that are quite absurd and tease the religious Jewish law.

The One About The Mom

A couple, Josh and Linda Gold, have spent years trying to forget they were raised Jewish and do all they can to fit in, in their New York neighborhood. Overall they’re doing well, except for one thing … granny living quietly in a corner of the living room.

One night over dinner, Josh turn to Linda and states, “Linda, I don’t mean to be mean, but your mom has been living with us for over twenty years. Wouldn’t you agree that it would be better that she got her own place?”

Fork hovering midair, Linda looks up and frowns, “My mom? I thought the woman was you mom!”

The One About Marriage

A Jewish businessman checks his calendar and notices that his wife has a birthday coming up. Not sure what to get her he asks what she would like as a present. A car? An exotic vacation? A piece of jewelry?

His wife give him a cool look and says, “I want a divorce.”

The man scratches his head and replies, “I didn’t actually want to spend that much.

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