Jewish Humor

Jewish Humor

Oct 24

A Jewish couple is having a hard time with their son; he is failing out of school.  They change his school 3 times and he continues failing.  They hire tutors and he continues failing.

The next school in which he is enrolled is a Catholic school by the name of Holy Trinity.  The son continues to fail all his subjects, except one.  And not only is he not failing this one course, math, but he has an A in math.  The mother and father are perplexed so they sit down with their son to ask how it is that he is suddenly getting A’s in math.  His answer:

“On the first day, when I walked into the school, I knew immediately that they were really, really serious about the study of math at Holy Trinity.  You wouldn’t believe it, I couldn’t believe it, but the school administrators and teachers had nailed some poor bastard to a Plus Sign!”

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