Round-Up Of June Funny And Weird News

Round-Up Of June Funny And Weird News

Jun 23
Round-Up Of June Funny And Weird News

June has been filled with some terrible news here in America and around the world as well. However, there has been some light-hearted, funny, and also plain weird news that deserves some attention. Here is a round-up of ten funny and strange stories from around the world.

Round-Up Of June News

1. Why’d the Seagull Cross the Road?Seagull

Maybe he wanted to season himself early. Or, perhaps he just loves Indian food. Whatever the reason, a seagull turned himself orange after falling into a pot of chicken tikka masala. The bird was actually trying to pick out a piece of chicken when he fell into the mixture. If you’ve ever had tikka masala before, you know it is almost impossible to clean off that orange.

2. Is There Anything Bigger Than Soccer?

Sports fans know, if there is a game on it is difficult to sit around and do anything else. Even someone’s job. That is exactly what happened recently when the Hungary orchestra left an opera, in progress, to watch a Euro 2016 game on television. Apparently, nobody had a tablet in the pit to watch instead.

3. Touched By A Robot

Hospitals are all about providing care for patients. It also helps when there is nice staff to interact with patients and assist in a caring manner. So what happens when hospitals start bringing on robots as hired help? While only receptionists, two Belgian hospitals brought on robots to work within the hospital. It should be interesting to watch where this hiring trend goes.

4. “Chewbacca Mom” Gets On Action Figure

It really is amazing how fast someone’s luck can turn around overnight. Chewbacca Mom, who basically is a woman who put on a voice-changing Chewbacca mask and started to laugh while wearing it, has received hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of donations and scholarships for her family. She now has a Hasbro action figure to go along with it.

5. How To Pull A Loose Tooth

We’ve all been there for removing loose teeth. The door handle trick. Pliers. You name it. However, a Father in Virginia did it a bit differently as he attached a string to his son’s tooth and the other to his commercial helicopter. In case you were wondering, yes, it did work.

6. Catch’em CowboyGlasses on newspapers

When someone snatches a woman’s purse, often times it is either whoever can run the thief down first or that person gets away. Well, in Oregon someone tried to snatch a woman’s purse with the wrong cowboy around. The individual who rode to a Walmart on horseback ended up lassoing the man down after chasing him down on horseback. He left the lasso around the man until the police arrived.

7. Single Shark Gives Birth To Babies

A shark has left researchers and aqua scientists completely baffled. This single, female shark, has lived its entire life in a tank, without other sharks around. However, it recently gave birth within a tank. So, it somehow impregnated itself in order to give birth. While there are species in the wild that can change sex, this is a first for the shark.

8. Avoid The UK If You Are Afraid of Spiders

Afraid of spiders? You might want to avoid the UK. That’s because hundreds of massive spiders have been set free within the country. 400 fen raft spiders, which can grow up to around three inches in length, have been released in order to help reduce local insect populations. But it doesn’t really help you out if you are afraid of spiders.

9. I’ll Have a Shake With That

Why waste time eating when you can just drink a McDonald’s meal? A man recently liquefied his McDonald’s meal into shake form before drinking it.

10. Drink the Blues Away

Enjoy Wine? Wish it was a different color? Well, blue wine is a thing now, so why not give it a try? Everyone knows you can make something good better by making it blue.