10 Hilarious News Headlines

10 Hilarious News Headlines

Apr 10

Funny News HeadlinesWhile most people associate news with being dull or depressing, this does not apply to all news. In fact, here are ten amusing news headlines that you should read. They should, hopefully, brighten your day.

Tickle Me Funny Bone News

1. Meet the yoga expert – who works out on his motorbike

Most people are afraid of faceplanting on the ground when they practice yoga. This man is so sure in his yoga abilities that he practices it while riding a motorcycle! Downward dog and warrior positions are probably fine, but how about a bridge pose?

2. Obese dog made to chase fake Christmas pudding in weight-loss swim sessions

This ridiculous title looks like it came straight out of a cartoon. Peter helps Chris lose weight by placing him on a treadmill and attaching a twinkie to his head to keep him motivated in Family Guy. Although food can be a powerful motivation, I’m sure this activity was entertaining to observe.

3. Student Charged After Teacher Eats Pot Brownie

While the headline is amusing, there is a lesson here: sharing cannabis brownies with your teacher can get you arrested!

4. Bro Fights Off Muggers With Beer. No Seriously, He Used Beer

With this headline, fending off muggers appears to be easier than ever!

5. Snake Thrown At Tim Hortons Employee For Reason

The reason turned out to be that the onions on his breakfast sandwich weren’t sliced, but why did he have a snake in his pocket in the first place?

6. Nebraska Player Jack Gangwish Takes Selfie With Raccoon, Gets Bitten

Perhaps this player was unaware that not all racoons are as tame as Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy. Do you want to know if he was truly bitten? Go here.

7. Kevin Klein, New York Rangers Defenseman, Loses Part Of His Ear, Then Wins Game

We all know that hockey demands sheer strength and a passion for fighting, but never to this extent!

8. Magician Gets Out of Ticket with Magic Trick

Some people cry or flirt to get out of their tickets. It’s possible that these won’t always work, but who knew magic could?

9. Hitler Appears In Thai Video To Promote ‘Values’

What kind of morals could Hitler possibly impart? This is so amusing that it’s bordering on ridiculous.

10. Texas university loses 100 human brains

Why do they have so many brains, is the actual question. Is it for the purpose of feeding zombies? It’s most likely for medical research, but it’s still interesting to consider. For more on this story go here.

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