Funny And Strange Pokémon Go stories

Funny And Strange Pokémon Go stories

Aug 12
Funny And Strange Pokémon  Go stories

Pokémon Go, not even a month out of the gate has caused unforeseen waves in the world, not just the online world. That’s because players play the virtual game out in the real world, collecting and training and trading Pokémon that they find just by walking around on the streets. Virtually everywhere in the world, where one can find Wifi, one can also find a cute  Piccachu or Squirtle.

Five Pokémon Go Funny And Strange Stories

It is no wonder that with so many people walking around with their eyeballs stuck on their phones, it was only a matter of, well, hours before some funny stories started to take shape. Here are some stories that have been reported.

Politically Charged Battlegrounds And Characters

There are IRL (in real life) buildings that have been transformed into gyms and Poké-Stops. Innocent businesses and restaurants are being festooned with Pokémon, and therefore their trainers too. But how innocent are these businesses? Most talked about is the Westboro Baptist Church that has been deemed a gym by tough guy, Clefairy. To top it off, the gym’s name is Love is Love, which has become the slogan for the LGBTQ community since the mass shooting in an Orlando nightclub. To combat this, the church is using a character to battle against what they are calling, “Sodomite Clefairy.” Their choice, out of the hundreds of characters? Jigglypuff.

Paying To Play The Game At A Stadium

Isn’t it nice when a visionary comes along and sees what everyone is calling a “nuisance” and turns it into gold? Well, some genius at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park in North Carolina is opening its doors exclusively to Pokémon Go players for this very reason. The building is a hotspot for Pokémon, so the general manager is charging $5 a pop for trainers to come to the stadium for two hours and play. What a steal!Pokemon go app

Meanwhile, At The Olympics

Although he may have been relieving some pre-performance stress, Olympic gymnast, Kohei Uchimura, has acquired a nearly $5,000 phone bill for his Pokémon Go playing. Apparently, he didn’t get the travel data pack from his mobile company in Japan. The bill equals about 500,000 yen, Japan’s currency. Uchimura, thankfully, convinced them to waive the extra costs and charge him a flat $30 per day fee. Looks like they are happy to supporters of the gymnast.

Morbid Discoveries And Resolutions

One fine day, a teenager called Shayla Wiggins of Riverton, Wyoming was looking for a water Pokémon in a river near her house. What she found instead of a Pokémon was a dead body. The strange and off humor about this story is that the discovery did not scare her from her quest for more creatures to train. On the flip side of this is that one can suppose that if lightning rarely strikes twice, the chances she’ll come upon another rotting corpse are…practically dead in the water.

Then There Was Pokerock

Who could forget that one time that Seth Rogan took on The Rock’s Pokémon Go-inspired character, Pokerock. The video they shot to memorialize the match is hilarious. The video has some ripe language, so be cautious if you watch the video somewhere where the f-bomb may not be appreciated.

In as much as Pokémon Go has been such a craze and some funny stories have come out of it, it needs to be said that caution needs to be exercised. Some of the stories that have been published have reported people being shot, mugged and people walking into oncoming traffic while playing the game. Enjoy the game, but also realize that life is still happening all around you.