Strange, Odd, and Funny News August 2019

Strange, Odd, and Funny News August 2019

Aug 15
Strange, Odd, and Funny News August 2019

While the news is generally a valuable resource for information on what is going on in the world, sometimes new stories can be so strange or funny that you can’t help but laugh. Here are some recent news stories that caused many to chuckle! 

August 2019 – Strange And Funny News 

Here’s some of the strangest and funniest news happening around the world: 

Don’t Go To The Bathroom During A Storm 

Thunderstorms are common and most Americans know that lightening can be dangerous. But generally speaking, one inside, it’s easy to feel safe. But one Florida woman now knows otherwise. 

In Port Charlotte, a woman’s quiet day was disrupted by a large boom – she described it as “the loudest sound” she’d ever heard. When she went to find the source of the sound she discovered that her toilet had literally exploded into hundreds of pieces. 

Mystified, she called a plumber to help her fix the damage and to figure out what happened. As it turned out, lightening during the storm hit her pipes and caused the methane gas that was building to explode. The explosion followed the pipes out both ends, destroying the toilet and also destroying the septic tank in the yard. 

Thankfully no one was near either explosion and no injuries occurred. 

If You Die Eating Pub’s Burger The Pub Will Pay For Your Tombstone

The George Pub and Grill in County Durham has an absolutely insane burger challenge – the Big Ben Number 10. This burger is a stack of 10 patties smothered in cheese and is about 12,000 calories. 

Even the pub owner knows that eating this large dish can cause serious health problems and to make up for the risk he’s offered $500 to pay for a headstone should anyone die during the challenge. 

Are you willing to take the risk? 

Whose Been Naughty? 

Each month the National Aquarium of New Zealand picks a naughty penguin of the month, letting everyone see a picture and their “crime”. For example, ‘Mr. Mac’ snatched a fish right out of his girlfriend’s mouth!!! How poorly behaved! Not a gentleman at all. 

Surgeons Treat Boy With More Than 500 Teeth 

A boy in India complained of an aching jaw and presented with swelling. His parents took him to a hospital where surgeons removed a sack that contained more than 500 teeth of varying sizes. Thankfully, the jaw did not require reconstruction and his other teeth were largely unaffected, although he may need molar implants when he is older. 

It Turns Out You Can’t Always Trust Google Maps 

About 100 drivers in Colorado were left stuck and confused while trying to make their way to the Denver Airport thanks to Google Maps. According to those involved, Google Maps suddenly offered a new route that would cut the commute time in half – so naturally, people took it. Seeing other cars made them feel more comfortable although the road became increasingly rough. Eventually, a large majority of the vehicles found themselves stuck in mud and unable to move. 

Next time, take the road more traveled! 

Stay tuned for more funny and strange news next month!