Round Up Of Funny News In September

Round Up Of Funny News In September

Sep 28
Round Up Of Funny News In September

September means the end of summer but not the end of all things weird. Here is a round-up of some of the funny and strange news that took place in the month of September.

Goldendoodle Living On Campus

If you are a student at the University Of Southern California, dealing with depression or anxiety, Professor Beauregard ‘Beau’ Tirebiter is here to help. A 2-year-old black Goldendoodle, Beau is the new therapy dog at the University of Southern California. Beau was trained by Canine Angels Service Teams in Oregon. Don’t just drop by anytime, though; Beau has his own business cards and office hours. He is USC’s ‘wellness’ dog and lives on the 2nd floor of Engemann Student Health Center. While it may sound a little silly to refer to this Goldendoodle as a professor or staff member, understand that his purpose on the campus is actually very significant. Petting a therapy dog can benefit you in many ways, including:

  • increasing serotonin
  • raising beta-endorphin
  • increasing oxytocin
  • decreasing cortisol

Target Discontinues Use Of Kids Mini-Carts

Are you a Target shopper in Minnesota or New York? If so, you may have noticed a new shopping safety hazard–kids pushing mini-carts! Target stores in these states are nixing their trial run of mini-carts for kids, due to complaints from shoppers.

According to more experienced Target shoppers, inexperienced kid shoppers were colliding with adults, other carts, and store displays. These incidents led to injuries and messes. Also, your kid shoppers were upset to learn that you as a parent, were not obligated to buy unwanted items stuffed in the mini-carts. Cue epic temper tantrums. Although Target received some positive feedback about the little carts, more of you felt they were just making your shopping trips more complicated. Parents win this one.

California Driver Busted Using Mannequin In Carpool Lane

You may have seen an episode of your favorite sitcom where a character drove with a mannequin in the car, to use the carpool lane or just for protection. Well, a Brea, California man decided to give the stunt a try. A Brea police officer spotted a mannequin in the passenger seat of a truck on the crowded 57 freeway.

When the driver passed the officer, he noticed the passenger was not a human. The man admitted to using his ‘passenger’ regularly and agreed to sit in traffic like everyone else from now on. If you live in California and are caught in the carpool lane with no passenger, you receive a minimum fine of $481. It’s not worth it, so you should probably just give yourself a little extra traveling time and stay out of the carpool lane if you’re driving alone.

Drunk Squirrel Trashes ClubSquirrel eating nut

A drunk squirrel walks into a bar. Sounds like the opening of a bad joke, right? But, for club branch secretary Sam Boulter, it was a reality. You may find this hard to believe, but a club in the town of Evesham in Worcestershire, England was actually ransacked by a squirrel.

At first glance, Boulter thought his club had been broken into and destroyed by robbers. But, when he realized the club was still locked up, the club owner knew there was another culprit to blame. A squirrel snuck out from behind a bag of potato chips, staggering around the bar.

Although the squirrel was small, the damage was not. Picture beer spilled everywhere, cash, glasses, and bottles knocked off of the shelves. Sam Boulter figures the squirrel ran across the bar pumps, turning them on, then sipped a little of the alcohol to quench his thirst.

After Sam discovered the guilty party, it took another hour for the club branch secretary and two bar customers to catch the inebriated squirrel in a trash bin. They set him free in a field and proceeded to clean up the $632 worth of ruined stock. Watch out for rogue squirrels next time you’re in a bar.