February Round-Up Of Funny News Across The World

February Round-Up Of Funny News Across The World

Feb 23
February Round-Up Of Funny News Across The World

Other than being the month of love, February brought its own share of humor including Burger King giving away sex toys on Valentine’s Day. Here is a round-up of funny stories from across the world.

February Funnies

Piano Playing HorseHorse eating grass

UPI reports an Australian Horse Plays the Piano. Murphy, an Australian horse rescued from being recycled for dog food, can play the piano, sort of. Murphy has been filmed showing off his chopsticks version on an electronic keyboard. Sophie Bainbridge is Murphy’s human and she expressed pride in his obvious talent. Murphy uses his mouth to make music on a keyboard set up outside just for him. No word yet on pending record deals, but it is just a matter of time before someone signs this amazing performer.

Woman Born Without Arms Lights Candles With Feet

This next story is not funny but is actually amazing. Adriana Irene Macias Hernandez, born in Mexico, lit 11 candles with her feet and made it into the Guinness World Records. The official record title is “Most birthday candles lit with the feet in one minute.” She broke the previous record of seven candles held by American Ashrita Furman.

According to UPI, Hernandez became proficient at performing a number of tasks with her feet after being born without arms. She also has a law degree, has written several books and delivers lectures regarding her disability.

Israeli Burger King Offers Sex Toys With Adult Happy Meals

Israeli Burger King Franchises offered a unique Valentine’s Day special. Burger King was probably not at the top of your Valentine’s Day list. However, in Israel maybe it should have been. These franchises offered an “Adult” meal with a free adult toy. Why didn’t American BK’s think of this?

Lovers who came in after 6 pm received two Whoppers and two fries, served with beers and an adult toy. The choices were a blindfold, head massager or feather duster. Hmm…Israel as a Valentine’s Day vacation destination? It’s now on the list.

U.S. Man Shoots Cat For Looking At Him The Wrong Way

You may have heard cases where people have been shot for looking at someone the wrong way, but apparently, it happens to cats too. A Man shot a cat that ”looked at him like it owned the place.” A 69-year-old man in Ormond Beach, FL, told police he shot his neighbor’s cat with a BB gun because of its attitude. He could face animal cruelty charges for the action. Police reports do not name the man and are inconclusive regarding whether charges will be pursued.

The shooter, after learning the cat did not survive, said he had made a poor judgment call. Apparently, he shoots at cats on a regular basis but always missed prior to this incident.

Maybe the next time he is walking somewhere he isn’t wanted someone will put a BB on his backside.

Ohio Woman Gets One In On Trump In Her ObituaryDonald Trump

One Ohio woman got in one on the nation’s president as a final shot. Elizabeth “Liz” Smith died at age 87 and made her political opinion know in her final words. Relatives report that Liz is smiling from the grave and “happy not to be living during the Trump presidency,” according to her obituary. Smith was a Huron County Democratic Party poll worker, who apparently did not support the Trump presidency.

Ohio Girl Gets Math Homework From The Police

A 10-year-old girl got math homework help from her local police department. Lena Draper texted local police for help with her math homework, and apparently, the men in blue came through. Draper used Facebook to contact the Marion, Ohio Police Department.

The department responded with guidance on how to solve equations using the order or operations. The first problem was: (8+29)x15. The police responded, correct, to add 8 + 29 (which is 37 for those of us out of school a few years) and then multiply 37 x 15. No word yet on whether Draper’s family has received a tutoring bill.