Top 5 Best Comedy Roasts In The Industry

Top 5 Best Comedy Roasts In The Industry

May 27
Top 5 Best Comedy Roasts In The Industry

So, what is a roast? A roast is an event in which a given celebrity character is joked about and made fun of by comedians, often in front of an audience. The purpose of roasts was to honor someone, normally a celebrity, in a unique albeit embarrassing way.

Nobody can avoid a good roast because it is a comedy at its most pressing and intuitive. It might be harsh, cruel, thoughtful and tasteless, but very, very funny.

Top 5 Roasts And Roastmasters

Here are the top best comedy roasts in the industry so far.

1. Roast: Pamela Anderson

  • Roaster: Greg Giraldo

Comedy roast has never been without both drama and losses in the family. Greg Giraldo is the kingpin of comedy roast, but unfortunately, for the world, he was cut down too early in his life. Like Don Rickles back in the 1970s, Giraldo had no shame. However, unlike the many ethnic jokes that were Don’s bread and butter, Greg Giraldo and Jeffrey Ross attacked the character on stage. Giraldo roasted Pamela Anderson and while in the center of an assault about the cinch of Pamela’s vagina, he said you have to go to MapQuest to find her G-spot.

2. Roast: Donald Trump

  • Roaster: Anthony JeselnikDonald trump cartoon

If you want to know why Anthony Jeselnik is way beyond the comedy mark, watch his set on stage. He specifically blends contemporized events of the person with his jokes. He once said to Donald Trump, “by the way, Donald, it is pronounced huge not eyuge.” Also, “it is pronounced I’m not running for president, I’m f**** delusional.” In another roast, he Jeselnik said, “Donald I’m not certain if you are even aware of this, that the only difference between you and the wall street movie character, Michael Douglas, is that no one will be sad when you get cancer.

3. Roast: William Shatner

  • Roaster: Greg Giraldo

William Shatner was the hero of Trekkies everywhere and earned his iconic status by proving that you can be hip and ironic without talent. Shatner was once roasted by Giraldo who tossed out a barrage of one-liners. At some point, he accused Shatner of overacting more than the bladder of Betty White.

4. Roast: Bob Saget

  • Roaster: Greg Giraldo

If you are old enough to have watched 80s and 90s TV, then you surely understand how ripe Bob Saget  was for a ruthless comedic piece. He was an easy target, as Giraldo puts it, “Saget is a genital growth on the improvement of American culture.”

5. Roast: Don Rickles

  • Roaster: Casey Kasem

Although Rickles was not one of the roasters to perform, his ethnic stereotype and relentless energy were an excellent tip for roasting. With the comedian on the receiving end, Rickle, the best moment happened when Kasem, the guy behind “Casey’s Top 40,” hit the stage dressed like Hitler to honor Donald Rickles, “A real sweetheart of a guy, buddy boy.” He said, ” You are the only superman I know that has destroyed more places than I have.”