Funniest Friends Episodes

Funniest Friends Episodes

Jan 07

Funniest Friends Episodes“Friends” is an iconic American sitcom that changed our perception of adult friendships. Six friends living in Manhattan, each in his or her own station in life, each with a different view of the world, interacting with the others in a unique way. Together, an ensemble of funny. In its ten years, Friends captivated a generation of viewers. While it’s hard to rate episodes as “funnier” than others, there are some episodes that are consistently funny time and time again. Here are the top three:

The Ones That Are Still Funny

1. The One with the Embryos: Season 4, Episode 12. In this episode Phoebe agrees to be a surrogate mother to her brother’s child and spends most of the episode in the clinic where the implantation is to occur. Meanwhile, a “who-knows-who” best contest has erupted between the boys and girls. Ross serves as host while Chandler and Joey trade personal trivia with Rachel and Monica. The contest gets a little out of control when Monica raises the stakes, offering to switch apartments with the boys if the girls lose. This episode is particularly funny because it opens the characters up to reveal very personal information as it plays on the natural competition between males and females.

2. The One with the Football: Season 3, Episode 9: This was one of the series’ Thanksgiving episodes, so of course it is going to have football. In this episode the characters decide to play football instead of simply watching it on television. Ross and Monica turn the game into a competition for their long-buried Geller Cup, and the game becomes fierce as the two become further and further obsessed with winning. This episode is funny not just because of the physical slapstick involved in the game, but the brother-sister dynamics we see between sibling rivals.

3. The One with Ross’s Tan: Season 10, Episode 3: Ross attempts to get a spray-on tan and Joey and Rachel go on an ill-fated first date. The possibility of a relationship between Joey and Rachel has been under the surface for seasons, but when they finally experience a first date, nothing goes right. We find out in this episode that the two just won’t make a good couple, but while doing so we also have to laugh at the inability of Joey to get his suave on. We also laugh at Ross’s inept attempt to use the spray-on tanning lotion.

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