Odd News Round Up for August: The Hilarious And The Plain Strange

Odd News Round Up for August: The Hilarious And The Plain Strange

Aug 25
Odd News Round Up for August: The Hilarious And The Plain Strange

August has been a great month with exciting yet unbelievable stories going on around the world. Here are the top picks of the odd news, the funny and the just plain strange.

Odd News August Round UpFarmer cartoon

The Cheeky Farmer

A cheeky farmer in Scotland performed 22 press ups while naked at the back of his pick-up truck and as it drove round the town. Kenny Fraser tried to raise awareness for a Combat Stress military campaign that was taking place. The footage was taken by a friend who drove behind. He said that he wanted to do something different that will attract people’s attention. Doing it naked would increase the chances of the video being shared widely, hence raising more awareness of the campaign.

The Lady And The Poop

A decently dressed lady pooped in an elevator in China. She wore a full-length skirt and high heels. She casually entered the elevator and pressed the button to the floor she was headed. But a few moments later after the door closed, she started to cross her legs as though she urgently needed to use the bathroom. She desperately tried to press the buttons for the elevator door to open, but to no avail. She then pulled her skirt up and did her business. After she relieved herself, she straightened her skirt and stood near the door as if nothing had happened.

Hairball In Intestines

Doctors found a 3-pound hairball inside a lady’s intestines. Jasmine Percival 23 years old was fond of chewing her hair since she was a child. As the years went by, the habit continued, and the ball of hair massively increased in her stomach. It got too big until she had to go through surgery to remove the ball of hair from the stomach.

Whale Vomit Worth Thousands

A man and his son found whale vomit that is worth about 65,000 Euros. The lump is in the form of a rock. It is a valuable ingredient in the manufacturing of perfume. They then sent a sample of the vomit to a lab in Italy where they hope the results will be positive.

Bridge Dangling Wedding Ceremony

A Chinese couple dangled from a bridge for their wedding ceremony. The two who wedded on Chinese Valentine’s Day later descended on a platform next to the bridge. They lay there for a while as they posed for photos. It was said to be a spectacular scenery, one never seen before.

Condoms As Weapons

Tanzanian farmers have taken desperate measures of keeping elephants away from their farms. They now use Red condomspepper powder and condoms together with firecrackers to fight the elephants. The pepper powder is filled inside the condoms and then thrown at the elephants. The method has been very successful of late. It is said to be a good method since it does not kill the elephants and is cheap and efficient too. Since too much pepper is required to fill a condom, it is mixed with soil and then together with a firecracker, thrown at the elephants.

Lucky Rocks

Thousands of Catholics from Bolivia met outside the capital city of La Paz to try and get some luck by breaking rocks. The activity is carried out to seek for mercy from the Virgin of Urkupina. The reason behind this is that a long time ago the Virgin of Urkupina appeared to a little girl who was there to collect some rocks and take them back home. On arriving at home, the rocks had turned into silver.

Risk Of Death Love Stunt

A couple was put in a plastic bag without oxygen as a way of marking their wedding ceremony. They risked death to prove to each other their undying love. The couple was allowed to be in the bag for 4 seconds. Otherwise, they would have suffocated to death.

Reviving A Dead Husband With Spells

A widow tried to revive her dead hubby by use of holy water and spells. She preserved him for more than four months trying to bring him back from the dead. The odd thing about this is that she is a doctor. Her colleagues say that she had shown no psychological problems but was addicted to The Battle of Extrasensory, a TV show which might have motivated her to do this.