Selfies Got You Scratching? Maybe It’s Lice!

Selfies Got You Scratching? Maybe It’s Lice!

May 22

Apparently lots of teens (and a few adults, too) are scratching their heads over selfies – and it’s not because they’re trying to figure out which social media site to post their latest self-portrait to. Those nifty little reverse-facing cameras on our cell phones have spawned something sinister, threatening the youth of our nation.


Here A Scratch, There A Scratch

They’re scratching their scalps because of selfie-transmitted creepy-crawlies, or so says self-professed lice expert Marcy McQuillan. She claims all that selfie ‘hey, get in this shot’ head-bumping has led to an epidemic of lice among photogenic adolescents.

Wow. And to think we’ve all been worried about teens bumping other parts, when the real danger lurks in fully-clothed photo huddles?

Who’s Scratch Is It Anyway

McQuillan, an employee at Nitless Nogings lice removal in California, has been making the media rounds professing the dangers of all that teenage head-bumping that’s part of the selfie craze. She’s been cited as a “Lice Expert” by over 30 media outlets including Time, CNET and FoxNews, all spreading the word about the dangers of cuddling up for a self-portrait. She claims that since lice don’t fly or leap tall buildings in a single bound, selfies must take the rap for causing lice infestations among our youth.

Even Perez Hilton has warned of the dangers, imploring his readership to “Please stop taking selfies!” This is serious stuff, folks.

You’ve Been Warned!

Of course, if you read the fine print in all these news reports, McQuillan her assertions are completely devoid of any real statistics or research, saying that her warnings are actually just a theory.

A theory, perhaps, on how to create a promotional buzz that’s thinly veiled as a press release; one that creates a viral news story that spreads quicker than selfie-lice?

Well played, Ms. McQuillan, well played!

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