Top 5 SNL Skits Review

Top 5 SNL Skits Review

Nov 06

If you’re a fan of comedy, then you likely watch Saturday Night Live on a regular basis. This show has been around since 1975 for a reason: it has the funniest actors and the absolute best skits you’ve ever seen. Here is a review of the top 5 funniest SNL skits of all time:

A Walk Down The Funny LaneIra Riklis Top 5 SNL Skits

1981 – Matt Foley, Motivational speaker

This classic episode was hilarious! The parents of two teenager find pot in their home and they decide to hire a “professional” motivational speaker to prevent the teens from smoking pot. The speaker is a real character, and after drinking coffee for 4 hours, he is wired off caffeine. Needless to say, his “speech” is pee-your-pants funny!

1984 – Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood

Every comedy lover knows how funny Eddie Murphy is, and when he played “Santa” on this episode and taught all the “boys and girls” how Christmas is all about “giving and taking,” it was super hilarious. He held his eviction notice while wearing his Santa suit and holding a Salvation Army collection bucket, to make $300 – $400 a day!

2012 – Stefon’s Weekend Update – Tips For Mother’s Day

Stefon is hilarious when he recommends some ridiculous clubs to take your mother to for Mother’s Day, including a club with a cleaning lady who looks like Smokey Robinson and a club located on the upper east side of a dumpster! A must-see!

2009 – Christmas with Garth & Kat

An unprepared Garth & Kat sing an incredibly silly and out-of-tune song, which they appeared to not know the words to. They then began singing another partial song that is equally ridiculous. They couldn’t sing the third song because they kept laughing. Funny!

1996- Jimmy Tango’s Fatbusters

Many people are looking for effective weight loss methods, but in this skit, Jim Carey markets crystal meth as a way to lose weight. He explains how he lost 155lbs in 3 1/2 weeks with this “scientifically-researched” product! He continues by stating that this product will cause you to lose weight so fast you will lose your mind. His facial expressions only add to the hilarity!

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