Funny News Articles From Around The World

Funny News Articles From Around The World

Dec 04

Funny Newspaper HeadlinesSometimes all you need is a good laugh at the silly things that happen every day just under our noses. Check out some hilarious, silly, and downright weird news stories from around the world.

What Made The Headlines?

Belgium Opens its First Cat Bar

You are stopping into a coffee shop for a quick break at lunch, walk up to the counter, order your drink, and find a table with a cute Persian…cat. That’s right, Belgium just opened its first ever cat bar, which is essentially a coffee house with cats lounging about on the tables and counters, pawing at you as you walk through the aisles, or trying to sneak a paw full of your tuna sandwich when you’re not looking. Don’t believe me, check out this report and video here.

Two Boys in Wisconsin Dial 911 to Reach Santa

Two brothers, ages 3 and 6, did everything they could to get in touch with Santa this weekend, they even called 911. Remembering the phone number that has been drilled into their heads by parents and teachers in the case of an emergency, the boys could think of no bigger emergency than getting Santa their Christmas lists so they dialed 911 in the hopes of being patched through to the Father of Christmas himself. When police showed up at their home, the boys were told that the best way to reach Santa is in person.

Girl Gets Welcome Surprise When Unpacking Moving Boxes

As her family was packing up boxes to move from Virginia to Hawaii, Ashley Barth noticed a distinct absence of her cat Mee Moowe. Chalking it up to a runaway, the family and their belongings made the long trek to Hawaii where, 36 days later, they heard a faint meowing. Mee Moowe had hidden in one of the boxes, going unnoticed by packers, and was exhibiting signs of starvation. After professional treatment, the kitty is alive and well.

Carjackers Surprised by Stick Shift

It’s not normally funny when you hear about a carjacking, but in this case, you can’t help but chuckle a bit. A pair of teenagers held a driver at gunpoint in Houston yesterday, demanding the car and directions on how to operate the stick shift. The driver called the police after he was ordered from the car and officers found the abandoned car nearby, the boys could not figure out how to operate it so they proceeded on foot and were soon caught.

Everyone Deserves a Turkey on Turkey Day

On Thanksgiving of this year, trucker Kameron Schrader was driving his semi back home when a giant bird came crashing through his windshield. The bird turned out to be a 30 lb. turkey. After cleaning up his truck and setting his affairs in order, Kameron walked to a nearby home to see if the residing family had any use for the turkey, the family was happy since they did not have one already, it was a Thanksgiving miracle and a story Kameron will surely tell for years to come.

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