Funny News Headlines

Funny News Headlines

Apr 21

I was reading the news online the other day and came across this headline ‘Meet the claw machine kid‘, Huh? You’d think I am actually meeting a child with claws for hands or something, nope, this video was about a lost child FOUND in a claw machine! Talk about misleading.¬†With some news headlines, you have to wonder if perhaps the editor was asleep or had the day off, I had to find other funny misleading headlines out there.

“Man accused of killing lawyer gets a new attorney” (It’s safe to say, the attorney gets points for bravery)

“Missippi’s literacy program shows improvement” (Mississippi was spelt wrong you have to wonder what it was like before!)

“Homicide victims rarely talk to police” (If they did, that would be downright scary)

“Federal agents raid gun shop, find weapons” ( eerr da-aa)

“Statistics show that teen pregnancy significantly drops off after age 25” )Apparently the writer doesn’t know the difference between a teen and a tween)

“Bugs flying around with wings are flying bugs” (You can’t beat this guy’s logic)

“Dead body found in cemetery” (Only one?)

“One armed man applauds the kindness of strangers” (Perhaps he applauded with his feet).

“Study shows, frequent sex enhances the chances of pregnancy.” (When at first you don’t succeed, try, try again)

“Females more likely to test for women’s diseases” (Can you imagine a man going to the doctor with ovarian cysts?)

“Healthy diet lowers death risk for women” (And what about the men?)

“Most earthquake damage caused by shaking” (You think!)

“High heesl lead to foot pain” (Dr. Scholls would agree with that)

“Health officials: pools and diarrhea not a good mix” (Safe to say, everyone agrees)

“Auctioneer finds dead body in funeral home” (Now what would a dead body be doing there?)

“Close look at dating finds that men choose attractive women” (Men are no fools)

“Hispanics ace Spanish test” (And the Germans did well in their German test)

“Africa: Glamor, decadence, murder. Hundreds of secretarial opportunities” (I think I’ll pass)

“Volunteers search for Civil War planes” (They’re gonna search for a long time)

“Puerto Rico teen named ‘mistress’ of the universe” (That girl will have her hands full)

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