Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Dec 13

Here’s a quick question. Take a look at the pictures below. Would they have inspired your confidence enough that you would part with your hard earned money and make an investment with them?



If you did, you are far more foresighted than I am. Nonetheless, each one of them turned a little investment into hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars.

The first is a photograph of the Microsoft team when the firm was just getting started, with revenues of roughly a million dollars. Three of those featured are among the 400 wealthiest Americans according to Forbes, including number one Bill Gates, with a combined net worth of $135.8 billion.

A youthful Warren Buffett is the second with his net worth totaling about $115.6 billion.

Gates and Buffett together have a net worth of $251.4 billion dollars.

It only goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover.

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